12.12 Sale on Taobao

Not so long ago a worldwide sale 11.11 was held on Taobao and Tmall, and now there are only few days left before the second largest traditional sales 12.12


Stunning discounts up to 70% are expected on this day – 12.12. The sale’s terms are the same as in “11.11”:  you will have exactly 24 hours to buy products at competitive prices. Make sure to prepare a list of the desired goods in advance to have time to buy two items for the price of one, or even cheaper. You can add links to cart now and wait for discounts to appear.

If you are willing to find out which products  will be sold at a discount of  December 12, you should visit Taobao.com or tmall.com and write  “双 12” or “12.12” or “1212 购物 狂欢 节” in the search box, or click on the icon, as shown in the picture below.


You can use Google Translate for translations


Search of promotional products is also available via the link 12.12 Taobao Sale, clicking on it makes you able to select the category of goods or stores that are involved in the sale.

Pay attention! Certain categories of goods are prohibited for international shipment. For more information on these categories, please follow here.

This beautiful interactive page will help you make your shopping interesting and find a variety of products at excellent prices!

If you don’t know how to navigate on Taobao, then check out the list of links to the most popular product categories and stores involved in sales 12.12:

IT IS IMPORTANT! Products of categories 2, 3, 6, 8,9, 11,14, 15 and 16 may have restrictions on the weight or size, can be forbidden for  international delivery or contain batteries. If you want to order products of these categories, pre-check in our group on Facebook  or with the help of our Online support

We also recommend you to follow some advices and tips that will help you to make orders efficiently

  1. Create orders with discount goods in advance.
  2. If discount price is already known, you can add this item to your Shopping Cart and proceed with payment before 12.12.
  3. Consider the time difference. Beijing time is always available here http://support.taobaofocus.com/
  4. If there is no discount price for chosen item, but there should be one on 12.12, we will recalculate the price during the ordering process.
  5. All products are purchased for the funds available on your account, so we recommend you to recharge your Taobao FOCUS account in advance.
  6. Make sure, you write right color, size and other specifications, when you add your item to Shopping Cart.
  7. Make the list of links in case of replacements.
  8. Follow the updates on your order to make all replacements and replies quick enough.

IT IS IMPORTANT! We cannot guarantee prices, discounts, and availability of items. Also there is a chance that shipping will take more time than usual, because of delivery services occupation during next few days after 12.12.

Note! Some items can be already bought with a discount price. But if you want to buy some item with maximum discount, you should follow item’s and seller’s pages. Usually maximum discount is available only 12.12. Count time, so that we will be able to buy your goods.

Discounts are valid only 24 hours December 12 Beijing time

Beijing live time can be checked here

12.12 Sale on Taobao will end on December 13 at 00:00 Chinese time.

In case of any questions about planning orders or sales items appearance, you should contact us on Facebook or Online support.


Enjoy your shopping with Taobao FOCUS!