12.12 Taobao Year End Sale

Just recently 11.11 shopping festival was hold on Taobao, and that is not all for this year, new 12.12 sale is coming soon. Alibaba group is holding this event since 2011, and it’s already became traditional, and the second greatest shopping festival after 11.11 grand sale

This is why 12.12 is another great opportunity for Taobao sellers  to take part  in a big promotion and sell more items, for customers, this is another chance to buy products at huge discounts.


On this day huge discounts up to 70% are expected.  Terms of this promotion are the same as for “11.11”: you have only 24 hours to buy your wanted items for great prices. We recommend you to prepare items’ list (list of items) in advance, to make it in time, and buy your wanted items at big discounts, or buy few items for a price of one. You can add items to your Shopping Cart even now, and wait for discount to appear.

We have prepared article about how to plan your orders and save some money.

You can find article here

Below links for categories of goods on Taobao for more convenient and fast search:

*To inquire information about the shipping of specific items and items which weight and size may exceed maximum allowed please contact our Live support

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Note! Some items can be bought with a discount price already. But if you want to buy some item with maximum discount, you should follow item’s and seller’s pages. Usually maximum discount is available only 12.12. Please plan your time accurately, so we would be able to order all your goods.

IT IS IMPORTANT! We cannot guarantee prices, discounts, and stock of items. Also there is a chance that shipping will take more time than usual, because of delivery services workload during next few days after 12.12.

Discounts are valid only 24 hours December 12 Beijing time

Sales on Taobao and Tmall will end on December 13 at 00:00 Beijing time.

In case of new questions about planning orders or items on sale, please contact us on Facebook or Online support.

Beijing time can be checked here http://support.taobaofocus.com/

Have a lucky purchases with Taobao FOCUS!