Measurements on Taobao in English

In this article we’ve translated Chinese measurements to English, to help you choose correct size on Taobao much easier.

We recommend you to check size conversion charts via this link:

Please pay attention, that there is no any common standard of Chinese sizes, and there can be difference  between information in our table from size tables on Taobao. If you have doubts or questions about choosing of correct sizes, please contact our Facebook page.

Translation of measurements from Chinese:

Chinese English
尺码 Size
肩宽 Shoulder width
袖长 Sleeve length
胸围 Chest
腰围 Waist
臀围/臀围(坐围) Hips girth
衣长 Length
大腿围 Girth of one hip (girth of leg in the widest place)
前档 Size of fly
裤脚宽 Trousers width
裤长 Trousers length
身高 Height
前裆 Inseam
裤ロ(裤脚) Bottom of the pants circumference
平铺 Unstretched
拉伸 Stretched
袖围 Sleeve circumference
腿ロ Bottom of the pants semicircle
跟尚 Heel height
筒围 Bootleg circumference
筒长 Bootleg length
高度 Height
长度 Length
宽度 Width
脚长 Foot length
脚宽 Foot fullness
英国 US
欧洲 EUR
厘米 cm
中国,毫米 mm