Promotion from Taobao FOCUS «Share your knowledge» is closed!

Congratulations to the winners of our promotion!

The most active participant who has shown us the excellent knowledge of our terms and conditions, became

Ryan Wang (#46698) and  will receive 25 USD to his account!

Ryan had no mistakes in answers! In addition, we want to note that answers from Ryan came on time earlier than from all other participants.

Our other  winners  Ho-Man Yeung (#26522) and Cathy Loi (#1535) will receive 50% commission discount to their orders.

Please note!

Each won discount can be used only  in one order.

For the first order commission discount can be used at any time.

If you wish to receive all won discounts, you need to create quantity of orders which corresponds to quantity of the won discounts, and to pay these orders up to the end of this week (till February 1st inclusive).

After payment of all orders, contact us at our  Facebook page or our Online support and specify the number(s) of orders that you want to get a commission discount.

Thanks for participating! We hope to see you soon in our new promotions and contests!

Taobao FOCUS team. 


 Promotion review

During “Share your Knowledge” promotion from 20.01 to 27.01 2015, we asked you questions, and you answered them.

We have written a list of all questions and correct answers below. Follow links and you will able to find the correct answer.

Pay attention that on one question there could be two versions of the answer.

So, let us start

Question No.1

In which currency we accept payments? What is our exchange rate?


Question No.2

After changing to what order status it is not possible to add new items and replacements in the current order?


Question No.3

Can you change your delivery address and / or delivery method? How can you do?


Question No. 4

During receiving a parcel, you noticed a discrepancy in parcel weight. What should you do?


Question No.5

Except DHL, EMS and AIL MAIL, can you have other international shipping option?


Question No. 6 What statement on seller page means that the items are not available (out of stock)? Where this statement is usually placed?


Question No.7

What Items Forbidden For International Shipping?


Question No. 8

For what reasons we accept requests for compensation and a refund? What is the Taobao FOCUS refund policy?



We invite everyone to participate in always winning promotion: all participants automatically receive 50% commission discount! 

Winners get money rewards!

Share your knowledge and get money rewards and discounts!

To take part in our promotion you need:

To be our customer and to have account in our system.

*For new customers to receive the discount and prizes, please register in our system.

Please, provide us with your Taobao FOCUS account number, so we can transfer prize to your account, if you win, or provide you our commission discount for order of your choice.

***If you just joined us, and still have no order, it is enough to specify your account number. When you create your order, just contact our at Facebook or Online support  and provide the order number that you want to get a commission discount.

Terms and Conditions:

On a wall of our Facebook page, we will publish a question.  Your task is to find the answer on our site.

  1. Find the answer to a question on our site.
  2. 2. Send us the answer to email [email protected] and specify the link to the page where you found this answer.
  3. In the subject specify  your Taobao FOCUS account number and order number that you want to get a commission discount.

*New customers should register in our order system.

Promotion is held from January 20 to January 27 2015 inclusive.

Answers to questions are accepted during the day from 10:00 to 22:00 on the Beijing time.

Beijing time you can check here –

Prizes and winners determination:

Taobao FOCUS team will determine the winners.

Depending on the complexity of the question, its cost will be 5 or 10 USD.

The first participant who send the correct answer will get 5 or 10 USD to Taobao FOCUS account.

Also all participants who send correct answer will receive commission 5% instead of 10% for any one current or future order.

Every day on our Facebook page  we will publish the name of the main winner and the names of participants who receive a commission discount.

In confirmation, we will attach a screenshot from our mailbox.

After closing promotion, we will choose the most active participant who will receive the grand prize of $ 25USD to his account.

Remember! Our contests are always win which means all participants are the winners!

Good luck!

If you have any questions about participating, please contact us at Facebook or Online support.