Recommended stores, Taobao shop list

Below is extensive list of recommended Taobao stores. This Taobao shop list is to help you have a good taobao shopping spree. We have selected Taobao shops where we either got positive feedback from our customers or had comparatively nice shopping experience in communication, domestic delivery and after-sale service.

Update: It was reported that some of recommended stores in our list were not as good as we believed to be, thus we have removed the whole list. We will publish soon a new taobao shop list once we make a better verification of concerned shops. You can still check our list of shops for Tea, Wedding dresses and Cosplay. Thanks for your understanding.

Our recommended Taobao stores divided by merchandise. We listed them according to our Taobao buying experience and only with the purpose of providing useful information to our customers for a better Taobao shopping spree. We don’t have any deal with the listed sellers. We may delete those sellers once we get negative feedback for them, we can also add new sellers once we get positive feedback for them or just a good shopping experience. Your opinion is welcome.

We have seen a growing number of customers ordering from Taobao Lolita costumes, Cosplay costumes, wedding dress, tea cakes, with our service. Below in the list, we will recommend some good Taobao stores for these types of items. You can check our other blog posts for recommended Taobao tea stores, Taobao Lolita & Cosplay stores.