Valentine’s Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, are you looking for something special to surprise him or her? That is already a good start! Valentine’s gift is all about showing your love with sincerity. Here I invite you to have a look at this blog to get some unique Valentine’s gift ideas.

Practical or impractical, I recommend the latter. Practical means everyday. For valentine’s gifts, we are usually waiting for something different than what we see everyday. Practical gifts like perfume, clothes and handbags are, of cause, nice but will not bring a big surprise on Valentine’s Day.

The best presents are always those that we cannot: eat up, use up, give away or throw away. Personalized or custom made presents are always a good idea to bring a biggest satisfaction.

Personalized sculpture, as you can see in the picture, is made according to your own appearance. Cute as it is, it can easily create a sweet Valentine’s Day. There are similar presents like personalized stuffed animal buddy, personalized picture frame, personalized canvases and painting, etc.

If you have a low budget for Valentine’s Day gift, choose the most expensive among the cheap products, rather than the cheapest among the expensive products. For example, a personalized cushion has a higher price than normal cushion, but is still cheap and has a much better effect than a cheap jewelry.

Another suggestion is that you should be decisive in choosing presents, better avoid making your lover to choose. It might possibly happen that you hesitate about which presents to buy, and want to just let your lover choose. But choosing from nice presents is always difficult and as a result we will have a feeling of loss, even we finally pick the one we like the best. So if you want to bring your lover a big nice surprise, do not let him or her choose their gifts. You make the decision.

The day of Valentine’s Day is also the day of Chinese New Year. To surprise your lover with something different, you can think about gifts featured of Chinese culture. For example, Chinese dress Qipao (Cheongsam), Jade jewelry, Chinese calligraphy and painting, Him&Her chopsticks, embroidery, etc.

Valentine’s Day is all about love. Choosing a good gift for your valentine can show your love. So prepare well in advance and get a sweetest Valentine’s Day!

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