Women’s Day contest from Taobao FOCUS – Closed.

Friends, unfortunately, no one took part in our Women’s Day contest. We do not know what is the reason.

But we hope to see you in our next promotions and contests!

Remember! Our contests are always win which means all participants will receive rewards!

Women’s Day contest from Taobao FOCUS


Dear friends, Taobao FOCUS team is happy to announce a new contest for the upcoming International Women’s Day! We have created a special collage of women’s wardrobe items (see image below), but one item is missing… Please help us to make the look complete! You simply need to visit Taobao or Tmall, find one potential missing item, and send us the link and the photo of it! All answers will be rewarded, but the most creative answer will receive the biggest prize of our contest!

We invite all ladies to participate in our always winning Women’s Day contest:
all participants automatically receive 50% commission discount
Winners get money rewards!


Attention! For participating in the contest only ladies invited.

To take part in our promotion you need to be our customer and have account in our system.

*For new customers to receive the discount and prizes, please register in our system.

For winners to claim the rewards, please provide us with your Taobao FOCUS account number and one order number of your choice, so we can transfer prize to your account, or apply commission discounts to the order.

***If you only joined us recently, and have not yet created any order, it is enough to specify your account number for now. Later when you create your order, just contact us through our Facebook page or Online support and provide the order number that you want to receive the commission discount.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Determine the missing item of the wardrobe provided on the photo in our contest collage and find it among the goods on Taobao or Tmall.
  2. Send to our e-mail [email protected] an image of the item you choose and link to the page where you find that item.
  3. In the subject specify your Taobao FOCUS account number and order number that you wish to receive the commission discount.

 *New customers should register first in our order system.

Contest is held from 10:00 March 2th till 22:00 March 8th inclusive Beijing Time.

Beijing time you can check here – http://support.taobaofocus.com/

Prizes and winners determination:

Prizes will be awarded for correct and complete answers only according to terms and conditions of our contest!

  • The grand prize will be awarded to the most creative answer. Whoever comes up with the most interesting idea will be our biggest winner and will receive the grand prize of 40 USD to the person’s Taobao FOCUS account.
  • In additionwe will choose one more winner, who fulfills all Terms and conditions of the contest completely via RANDOM.ORG – List Randomizer service. The winner will receive 20 USD charged to her account respectively.
  • Moreover, all participants who fulfill all Terms and conditions of the contest completely will receive a commission of 5% instead of 10% for any one current or future order.


Winners’ names and a confirmation screenshot from RANDOM.ORG will be announced on Monday, March 9th during the day.

Remember! Our contests are always win which means all participants will receive rewards!

Good luck!

If you have any questions about the contest or participation, please contact us at Facebook or Online support.

Taobao FOCUS Team