Item Page

Here finally you have found on the item you like.

Taobao Item PageItem page is usually presented the same way; the difference might be in location of Seller’s profile box, which can be on the left or right side of the page.

We suggest you to check first the Seller’s profile:
It is more reliable when the seller has sold at least 500 items and has the reputation of more than 99%
You can check also other rating which should be close to five stars.

Other guarantees are if the seller has the approved ID and guaranteed services.

Under the seller’s profile you can click the button to visit the seller’s shop (if any) and also search the products in the shop with defined keyword and price range.

Now let’s check the products details:
First there is the product price and the delivery fees within China (usually it displays at least fast delivery (China Post) and EMS (Express Delivery))

Then there is item specific choice of options: size, color and quantity to order with number available in stock displayed in brackets.

After the choices are made, you will find two buttons: ‘Buy it now’ and ‘Add it to shopping cart’.

Once you have decided to order the corresponding item, request your login to order system at order page. If you have any questions, feel free to check our FAQ or contact us.

Now that you know how to search the desired product on Taobao, we suggest you to check out Taobao shopping directory to search by categories.